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Important Notice for
New and Returning Patients

The Coronavirus has instilled fear in many people. Let's face it. These have been trying times. We've had to stay at home and practice physical distancing. When going to the grocery store, many of us don facemasks, gloves, and apply hand sanitizer. It's a bizarre and unfamiliar site. This pandemic took everyone by surprise-including us, at YORKDON DENTAL. 


Because of everything that's going on, we completely understand if you're apprehensive about coming to your dental appointments. We understand. 


Dental offices remain one of the safest and most sterile environments around. We've always followed and will continue to follow the most stringent sterilization protocols (before, during, and after the pandemic) and we take all necessary precautions to protect you and your family and our staff to stay safe, and we will continue to do all that - and more. We will screen everyone including our staff (daily a.m. and p.m.) for symptoms of illness and will reschedule appointments if anyone poses a risk. Our team thoroughly clean all surfaces, rooms, and equipment regularly on a specific time schedule. Plus, as always everyone is equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). Your health and safety are our top priority.

The following guidelines/procedures are in place for our return to the office: 


(Please note the guidelines are always changing.) 


Guidelines are given to us by all our Regulatory bodies, which includes Public Health, RCDSO (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario) and the CDHO (College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario)


- We will practice physical distancing. Whenever possible, team members stay at least six feet apart at any given time. 


- We will have one or two patients in our waiting room spaced minimal 6 ft apart. 


- We have installed acrylic sneeze screens at our greeter desks in reception. Front desk staff will always be wearing face masks and/face shields. 


- The office doors will be locked until patient arrival, and walk-ins will not be permitted until further notice, as all visits will require prescreening upon arrival and only patients who have a reserved, confirmed appointment will be allowed into the office and only once we are ready to see you. We ask that you remain in your car, or in your office (if you work in the building), or in the corridor respecting physical distancing. We will phone, text, or email you to let you know we are ready to see you. We ask that you arrive promptly for your appointments once contacted. 


- Upon your arrival you will be asked to sanitize with 70 percent alcohol medical grade sanitizer provided for 20 seconds immediately upon entering the office (even though there are sanitizing stations at all entry points of 1500 Don Mills Rd. and please use upon entering the building). If using elevators, please follow instructions for physical distancing. There are now touchless door opening sensors at all entry points to 1500 Don Mills Rd., you will then be given a medical mask and non-latex gloves to wear (identical to the ones you will see staff wear). Please understand because of limited PPE supplies we will only be able to dispense one set of each mask and gloves (PPE) to patients only to those who have a scheduled appointment that day. Please understand, there are no extras to spare. 


- Front desk staff will take your temperature using a touchless thermometer placed near your forehead. If temperature is above 38 degrees C, respectfully, you will be asked to leave the office with the mask provided, and request you contact your local Public Health unit. It is a good idea whenever possible to check your temperature before coming to the office. 


- We will continue to clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces, such as countertops, light switches, floors, walls, sinks, door handles and all dental equipment. Sterilization of dental equipment as always following strict protocol. We also ensure there is adequate time between appointments to sanitize operatories thoroughly and methodically. 


- We wear personal protective equipment (PPE)- changed for every patient and sometimes more often/frequent: including, gloves, masks, gowns, face shields, shoe covers, eyewear, we will be dressed with our PPE, before you enter the clinical treatment room and will hand sanitize and glove after seating you and just before your treatment. All our team members continue to wash and or sanitize their hands numerous times per hour and per day with the proper thorough technique.

All team members must take sick days. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of any contagious illness, even a simple cold- must rest and recover at home before returning to work.

- New patients, existing patients and staff who are exhibiting signs or symptoms of respiratory (or other contagious) illness must reschedule appointments or leave work. Symptoms may include dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers and toes, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement, must not visit the office, and must seek immediate medical attention. It can take 5-6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show, however, it can take up to 14 days.

Financial Obligation:

-Payment for services is expected as always at the time of service. We file most insurance plans electronically as pre-Covid-19 pandemic. Tap at terminal or touchpad, which will be covered and sanitized after every transaction, taking a new pen with you to keep if you need to sign insurance forms or bring your own, arrangements for touchless payment can be made by our NEW secure payment by email, payment must be made same day. No cash/cheque payments. 


(* fees will apply for missed appointment without prior notification to the office.)


IMPORTANT new scheduling and check-in procedures.

-If you are a new patient or existing patient kindly complete your intake Covid-19 forms online, on our website at ‘’, 2 days before you arrive for your appointment. Submit forms securely online or print them and bring them with you. If this is not possible, please make arrangements to pick up the medical forms from the office at a mutually convenient time, however, we cannot permit filling out of these forms in office, but, we ask you take them with you and return them to office 2 days prior to your appointment whenever possible. Your medical information will be screened over the phone before you arrive with your completed forms and again verbally once you arrive. Please visit online our website at for the Covid-19 questionnaire. (all patients, if this is not possible please call and speak to our front desk staff for further direction)

All patients please come to your appointment alone and please ask your driver to wait in the car and we will call them when you are ready for their assistance after your care is complete. Children must be accompanied by an adult, so this is the one exception. Only 1 adult per child. Complimentary parking is now available at the upper and lower decks. Please check the signage for ‘YORKDON DENTAL’, only, or you may pay for parking in other lower lever parking spots.


-Once registered by our front desk coordinator, a team member wearing PPE will direct you to the operatory. We ask that you mind the 6 feet physical distancing from any other staff or visitors in the office at the same time. We cannot maintain physical distancing of 6 ft during treatment, however, we will be donned with the necessary PPE. 


If you had a scheduled appointment that was cancelled due to Covid-19, we will be in touch to reschedule it (if we have not already). If it has been a while and you have not been in for care, give us a call 416-441-2222 or email at and we'll make a future appointment with hopes that we will be up and running soon. 


In case of a dental emergency, and you are a patient, ONLY, please call Dr. Steve Nitsopoulos at 647-808-7110, for further direction. Please leave your full name and telephone number and we will contact you promptly. 


We are going to help as many patients as we can when our doors open, current and new patients, working with our mission in provide the highest quality of care possible to each and every patient with the safest measures in place. Depending on demand or other, our office hours will be altered as needed. Infection control protocols may change by Public Health for your safety, as well as staff and community safety. We will advise all patients of these changes as it relates to your appointment. 


We look forward to helping you achieve your most healthy smile. 


Stay safe, stay healthy. 


Dr. Steven Nitsopoulos and Staff 

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