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Dr. Steven


Over the past 30 years, we've had a wonderful time caring for you out of our office at 879 York Mills Road. While we continually updated this well-loved space with the latest technologies and patient care concepts, it became clear that to realize our ambition in making you feel most-cared for, we needed a brand new office where we could customize to your needs.

We started by searching for the most convenient location, and found it on the ground floor of 1500 Don Mills Rd. at the corner of Don Mills and York Mills. At this new location you will enjoy free parking, and new extended hours. We then met as a team to discuss all the ways we could add greater comfort to your visits. We dreamed big, consulted other dental industry innovators and developed a new patient-centred clinic that has your ultimate wellbeing at heart. You will experience a new reception area complete with free Wi-Fi, TV, iPads, Sirius XM Radio and beverage bar, all designed for your enjoyment. In our treatment rooms, massage chairs and ceiling-mounted plasma screens will ease your stay. Meanwhile, all those familiar smiles you have come to expect from your dentist.

Our Yorkdon Dental patient care team will continue to look after you throughout your visit. We are extremely excited about our new office, and we look forward to sharing our newest reason to smile with you upon your next visit.


Dr. Steven Nitsopoulos, B.SC. DMD

A smile takes but a moment. The memory of it can last forever.

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