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Intraoral Camera

Innovative imaging devices are used in our office that allow us to view together dental findings that are not always obvious to the naked eye. Together we can make informed decisions with respect to your dental care and treatment.


VELscope® Enhanced Oral Assessment System

Early detection of oral tissue abnormalities including cancer and pre-cancer, before they become visible to the naked eye.


Digital X-Ray Sensor

Reduces radiation exposure vs. conventional film while offering better picture clarity. By using digital technology, we are able to immediately show you your smile photos and X-rays on a monitor. X-ray taking is now quicker, safer, and more comfortable than ever before.

Digital Xray

Warm Diode Laser Treatment

Lasers are now commonly used for the comfortable treatment of canker and cold sores, decreasing discomfort, length of healing time and recurrence of lesions in the same area. Our hygienists are often using laser treatment to reduce the severity of gingivitis and periodontal disease as an adjunct to healing with the conventional scaling procedures.

Warm Diode Laser

Instrument Sterilization

To ensure your safety, our instrument sterilization process starts with the HYDRIM instrument washer that kills 99% of all bacteria before heat sterilization. We also follow all industry standards with respect to asepsis and sterilization of all dental instruments and clinical treatment areas. Please ask if you have any questions or concerns; we would be happy to give you a tour of our facility on request.

Instrument Sterilization

VistaClear™ Purified Water

All our treatment water is filtered through the VistaClear water cleaning system to ensure you receive naturally fresh, clean, pure, fresh water.


High level of
high-quality air

We have installed Jaspr air purifiers in all operatories to maintain a consistent level of high-quality air And using the Jaspr to completely clean operatory air between each patient visit One thing that’s become clear in the course of this pandemic is the importance of a clean-air environment. Air purification is a priority to prevent the spread of infectious airborne pathogens – and that’s why we’re proud to be working with Jaspr to deliver the highest level of air quality for everybody in our practice. After all, air is the fourth pillar of health, and we’re making sure our practice will help you feel healthier in every single way.

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